The Solution For Easy, Breezy, Lightweight Baby Wearing!

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Welcome to Calin Bleu

THE solution for easy, breezy, lightweight babywearing!  If you love to explore the great outdoors with your little one or just want to enjoy some cuddles while you get stuff done at home, babywearing is the answer!
 Whether you're sweating buckets or you're caught in an almighty rainstorm you and your baby will be safe and comfortable in a Calin Bleu baby sling. Thousands of parents have trusted UK-made Calin Bleu slings since 2005. Choose a soft Stretchy wrap for your newborn, a Lite wrap for warm weather or rainy days (it dries SUPER quickly!) or a Ring sling for year-round ease and popability (yes that's a thing!) Very affordable, high-quality slings made in Devon from just £25!

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