Wearing Your Baby in the Heat with Calin Bleu

Our friends who run sling libraries all over the world are often asked: "What is the best baby carrier for hot weather?"

Well, we think we have one of the very best options for summer babywearing here at Calin Bleu and we're going to tell you exactly why!

When temperatures rise you might notice you're feeling too hot for your baby carrier. Our wraps and ring slings are made from 100% pure cotton, the weave of the fabric airy and breathable to help allow you and your baby to regulate your temperatures.

The fabric itself is much thinner than many other woven wraps on the market and certainly less bulky than most padded baby carriers. 

Does that mean it's only for tiny babies? Certainly not! Just check out the photos from customers on Instagram showing them happily carrying babies of all ages. They're strong enough to use on your back and hip too.

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There are other ways in which a Calin Bleu Lite Wrap is the best baby carrier for summer.

  • It rolls up super small - perfect for fitting in your suitcase or beach bag. 
  • It is super easy to care for - no worries about ice-cream drips and sticky hands - they are machine washable and dry incredibly quickly.
  • Our wraps are versatile - from a sun-shade to an impromptu beach towel or even sarong, we've seen our customers use them in so many different ways!

Our wraps are popular all year round in warm countries such as Spain, Croatia and Australia for all these reasons - in fact, our Australian retailers, Frangipani Baby helped us put together some great information to help make summer babywearing feel more comfortable and safe.

So if you feel like you're melting in the heat but still want to enjoy all the closeness and convenience of babywearing, have a look at all the gorgeous colours our wraps are available in and enjoy every moment of the sunshine with your baby!