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Guest Blog: Lorette is a carrying educator, a mother and has an amazing philosophy on life as a parent. She has taught many carrying peer supporters and consultants how to guide and provide tools and confidence to the parents, as professionals, we support. I am very grateful for the time she took to write and share her story.

Carrying, rules, reasons and parenting journey...

Parenting has been a journey full of lessons and humility. I am sure many of you can relate to knowing everything about parenting before you became a parent and how quickly you realised how far from the truth this was as soon as you became one. As a logical person who had a very science-based journey, I was no exception.

I consider myself lucky that I met very kind and compassionate people along the way who gently opened my mind to the many variations that life presents and how to adapt them to one’s circumstances.

So when my path led me to becoming a carrying consultant and later on a trainer, I was heavily influenced by those principles. I still made many “mistakes” along the way. I remember how puzzling it was that things I did not say could still influence my customers. I then spent a long time theorising and hypothesising as to how the mind works and how this influences how we teach or how we receive information. And then.... it hit me! Everything is changeable therefore everything is variable. In other words, it depends.

The internet is full of black and white rules when it comes to carrying (and many other topics). I understand that many bring these rules forwards in an attempt at keeping babies safe but I see this as a rigid box making decision making extremely tricky and sometimes also unsafe! 

“Don’t use a stretchy wrap to back carry, use a woven wrap” does this mean that one will lead to accidents and the other not? Is this for a young baby who sleeps a lot or for a  preschooler who does not want to be there? Is this for home or out and about? Is the person alone?  How competent are you with one over the other?

When I hear any statement, my head ends up buzzing with questions. I want to know more! Tell me more about your question, tell me more about your dilemma. What is your specific puzzle that we need to solve?

Carrying is done in so many different ways depending on its purpose. Are you going to a photoshoot or are you struggling to parent today? Are you escaping danger? Is your child having specific positional needs? 

Seeing a carrying consultant is a wonderful way to access an overview of all the knowledge that is available. These days you can even be picky as to who will help you as the remote consultations are more and more readily available. Find someone who will take the time to understand your specific situation and work with you to find your tailored solutions. Find someone who feels like a right fit for you. You can search for your nearest consultant here

And if you are much further on your carrying journey and you are wanting to become a sling helper, remember that everything depends. Find a school that will reflect values you agree with. 

Lorette Michallon,

You can find out more about Slingababy and their consultants here.

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