Rose Pink and Amethyst Reversible Ring Sling

Rose Pink and Amethyst Reversible Ring Sling


Our gathered shoulder ring slings are made from 100% woven cotton and measure 70cm wide x 220cm long and weigh 470g approximately.

They are double layered for strength and hemmed all the way round in two colours, so you can reverse them depending on what you fancy - it's like 2 ring slings in one!

There are two sling rings which are 100% pressed aluminium rings (which will not rust) and are hemmed into the sling by triple sewn stitching for extra strength.

These slings are very durable yet lightweight and will soften even further over time with washing and use.

The gathered shoulder material will spread evenly across either shoulder, ensuring a comfortable fit.

They are suitable for newborns to toddlers due to their flexibility, strength, breathable material and ease of use.

Each sling comes with it's own instruction manual with helpful pictures and hints and tips for safe babywearing. You can view the instructions online here too.