Lite Wraps

The Calin Bleu Lite Collection is a collection of lightweight cotton gauze baby wraps that have been worn and loved by babywearers since 2005.

Our baby wraps are 100% natural cotton gauze - a lightweight yet strong fabric perfect for warm climates or warm bodies! The fabric enables you to stay cool with your baby close to you indoors and out.

They are also perfect to wear in the cooler and wetter months as they won't overheat your baby when they are dressed in warm clothes. When it rains you can be sure that your wrap will dry quickly and easily, unlike thicker heavier wraps and of course they are machine washable.

Calin Bleu cotton gauze wraps are ultra compact, and ideal baby slings to keep in your bag and for traveling, rolling up much smaller and lighter than most other slings and baby carriers on the market.

Our cotton wraps are available in up to 4 sizes.

The Short is for experienced babywearers who want to use it with "Shorty" carries. If you're new to babywearing then you will choose Medium, Long or X Long, depending on your size.

Up to UK dress size 16, choose size M. Size 16 - 18, you will best suit a size L or XL for 20+. If parents are of very different sizes, choose the smaller wrap. The 'smaller' parent will be more comfortable with less fabric and there are various ways of tying the wrap to suit the other parent. Each wrap is sent with an instruction booklet showing you how to use your baby sling.

Our baby wraps have been safety tested to the EN 13209-2:2005 and PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 Child use and care articles. Guidelines for the safety of children's slings.