Choose a Stretchy wrap which is perfect to snuggle your newborn baby or a woven cotton gauze wrap from our lite wrap collection - ideal for any age baby or toddler, especially in the warm weather. And if you can't choose one, get both and pick and mix! You won't regret it as baby slings are as indispensable as nappies! When you're wearing one, the other one can be in the wash.

Perfect for newborn babies, our 2-way stretchy lightweight wrap is 95% viscose 5% elastane and very soft straight from the pack. Because it's lightweight and shorter than other wraps it's cool to wear in warm weather so it's a great starter wrap for spring and summer babies or for parents who find other stretchy wraps get too hot or are difficult to get to grips with. We have partnered with a babywearing consultant to provide very detailed step by step instructions that are perfect for new parents to learn how to wrap with their newborn baby.

Our stretchy wraps are available in 2 sizes.

Suitable for babies weight from 3.5kg to 12kg (8lbs to 27lbs)

Tested to PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 Child use and care articles. Guidelines for the safety of children's slings.

Our 100% natural cotton gauze wraps are a lightweight yet strong fabric perfect for warm climates and come in lots of great colours. The fabric enables you to stay cool with your baby close to you indoors and out - perfect for summer, and convenient throughout the year.

Calin Bleu cotton gauze wraps are ultra compact, and ideal baby slings to keep in your bag and for travelling, rolling up much smaller and lighter than most other slings and baby carriers on the market. They are also extremely practical being machine washable and dry very quickly.

Our cotton wraps are available in 4 sizes.

These wraps have been safety tested to the EN 13209-2:2005 Child use and care articles. Guidelines for the safety of children's slings.

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