About Us

The History of Calin Bleu

Calin is the French word for hug. Calin Bleu - Blue Hug – is the result of one woman's search for a comfortable way to carry her baby into toddlerhood whilst keeping her calm and soothed.

Anne Dhir, a French mum, living in the UK, couldn’t find a comfortable sling for her baby daughter, Odaline. Anne says, “I loved carrying her, but my back was always aching, although she was still small.”

So she researched fabrics and designs, and came up with the perfect combination. Starting small, in 2005, Anne made baby wraps for friend’s babies. Soon, people were stopping her in the street to ask about the wraps.

Anne says, “I was even asked to sell the wrap I was wearing! This made me really confident that my wraps would appeal to parents looking for a safe and comfortable sling to carry their children”.

The website was the next step, making Calin Bleu baby carriers available across Europe and then worldwide. 

In 2010 Anne felt that it was time to pass Calin Bleu on to another experienced babywearer, Karen Hunt and her brother Scott. On 1st April 2016 Karen took over Calin Bleu Ltd and runs it from Devon, UK, where she lives with her family.

Karen started babywearing in 2000 with the birth of her first daughter. There wasn't much choice back then, so this is what she used! A Dr Sears padded, closed-tail ring sling.

Fortunately things have moved on since then so you can choose any number of colours, styles and fabrics for truly comfortable babywearing. 

The Company

Calin Bleu is very proud to use UK manufacturers and suppliers of all materials we use to produce our babywearing wraps and ring slings and to support the British manufacturing industry.