Front Carries

How to use the Calin Bleu wraparound baby sling to carry your baby on your front


The Front Wrap Cross Carry
This way of tying your wrap is one of the easiest to master and very comfortable for both parent and baby. It spreads the weight evenly between both shoulders, hips and your back.

This carry can be used with a newborn, as the baby sling's fabric gently supports the baby's spine.

The Front Wrap Cross Carry is the basic way to tie baby slings, it feels very secure. View step by step instructions for the front wrap cross carry here.



The Simple Cross Carry is a variation of the traditional baby carrying position. It is nice and easy to pop baby in and out of the baby wrap sling without untying everything.

 Since this baby sling carry uses a little bit less fabric, it is convenient for parents of different sizes who share the same baby wrap and for whom the wrap is too short for the wrap cross carry.