Hip Wrap

1. Find the middle of the fabric and place it your left shoulder. 

2. Cross on the right hip and tie with a double knot on the left hip. 

3. Bring the baby up. 

4. Sit the baby on the cross. Make sure the baby is in a comfortable seated position, her legs higher than her bottom.

5. Spread out the inner layer of fabric so that it stretches from under her bottom to her back.

6. Then spread out the outer layer across her back, bottom and her thighs.


7. This is how it looks from the side.



8. You may find it more comfortable to do a “shoulder flip”. Simply take the hem closer to your neck and bring it down over your shoulder. This brings the baby closer to you.


9. If the tails of your wrap are long, wrap it around your baby one more time.


Top tips:

• Be sure the sling is secured with a double knot and you're ready to go!

• Keep your back straight when carrying your child in this position.

• Swap hips periodically.