Diagonal Hip Carry

1. Put on the sling ready threaded with the rings up 'too high' on your shoulder. When you put your baby in you'll find that his weight will pull the rings down to the perfect position. The pouch needs to be wide enough for your baby to sit in but not too wide or else you'll have lots of tightening and adjusting to do. After a couple of times you'll learn what the perfect size is. Ensure that the 'wall' of fabric next to your chest comes from the rail furthest away from you, next to your arm and it's nice and snug against you. The 'wall' should take up to about a third of the pouch, so it'll be lower than the rings, somewhere between your chest and your belly button. You can put your baby in with their head on the same side or opposite the rings. If using the same side make sure you leave a little extra room to avoid your baby's head touching the rings. Hold your baby against your shoulder in the burp position. Keep one hand on her back and lower her down your body, cradling her along your arm just as you would without the sling, reaching up through the pouch of the sling with the other hand.

2. As she reaches the pouch turn her to the side so that she sits with her bottom in the middle part of the pouch. You can then slide your arm out from the sling whilst supporting her with your other arm.

3. Check that the pouch is covering her from under her knees to her neck.

4. You'll need to tighten the sling along the top rail to support her neck and head if she's a newborn and to raise her up so that her head is close enough to kiss and supported so her chin isn't forced onto to chest which would inhibit her breathing. To do this, raise her up and closer to you and pull the loose pouch fabric along from the top of the pouch from the side opposite the rings right along to the rings. Then still holding your baby's weight along your arm, pull the part of the tail closest to your baby's head up and out until the slack has all gone. You can then work your way around the whole tail, section by section.

Try Tummy to Tummy for newborn babies 

Try Hip Carry for babies and toddlers who can sit unaided.