Hip Carry

Hip Carry

The hip carry is a variation of the Tummy to Tummy position but instead of your baby sitting in front of you he'll be sitting on your hip.

When your baby is around 3-4 months old you may find that he wants to see more of the world around him. This position will become a firm favourite as he'll be able to see you and the world around him.

If all the sights become overwhelming he can shut out the rest of the world by snuggling in close to you and quite possibly nap!

1. Put your pre-threaded sling on your preferred shoulder.

2. Pick up your baby or toddler. Put him in the burp position and slide him down onto your hip, legs through the sling. Alternatively, place him on your hip, lift him slightly and pull his legs through the sling. 

 3. Either way, he should be sitting on your hip with the pouch of the sling under his knees with you still supporting his weight with your arm. Make sure he has a good seat, sitting with his knees higher than his bottom as this will ensure he won't be able to slip or wriggle out later!

4. Reach under him and pull the top rail up and over his back. Approximately the bottom third of the pouch should reach from under his knees to his bottom, the rest over his back and either over or under his arms and shoulders.

5. You may need to fan out the pouch evenly over your baby's body so it doesn't bunch up under his knees. Whether he has his arms in or out, make sure his body is snug next to yours. To do this reach around your back and gather any slack you find to the front. Do this for both the top and bottom rails in turn. 

6. Tighten each part of the rails by pulling on the tail, section by section. When finished your baby should be close enough to kiss with no wriggle room and no slack left in the fabric. 

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