Ring Sling Threading

Before using the ring sling for the first time, please remember to wash and dry it first. If you try to use it before washing you will struggle to follow the instructions and it will not be safe to use.

Once you have found the right spot when threading your sling you will have a very secure hold. Do take care when threading the rings as they can easily become twisted during the process. To avoid this please follow the instructions carefully.

 1. Place the rings just below your shoulder on the front of your body with the fabric spread out over your shoulder and down your back. It doesn't matter which shoulder you use, in fact, it's a good idea to alternate, but to start with most people prefer to use the shoulder opposite their dominant hand. So if you're right-handed try it with the rings on your left shoulder first. 

2. Grab the sling from behind you, open it wide pulling it taut across your back so there's no slack.

3. Gather it together from the bottom rails up.

4. Thread the tail through both rings making sure you have pulled through any slack that may have appeared around the back. Fan out the fabric evenly over the rings. 

 5. Reach under the tail and open and separate the rings wide. Pull the tail over the first ring and through the second. Don't pull through all the tail through. You want to leave a small amount so that you can make sure that the tail comes through the rings as evenly as possible. You may be tempted to skip this step but don't! It's well worth spending a minute doing it as you'll avoid getting the fabric twisted and not be able to tighten the sling. If you get it right at this stage you'll find it much easier to carry your baby in a safe and comfortable position.

6. Put your thumb in the excess fabric to find the top rail. Make sure it's next to your chest, then systematically sort through the fabric, untwisting any bunched up fabric and ensuring the bottom rail is closest to the other side of the rings, next to your arm.

7. Now pull through the last remaining excess fabric through the bottom ring. To do this lift up the top ring with one hand and gently tug the tail straight down with the other. 

8. Check that the top and bottom rails are at either end of the rings and continue pulling through any loose fabric so that when you've finished the fabric is evenly spread over the rings. You are now ready to get your baby!

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