"Although my wrap took a few goes to learn how to tie on, baby loved it from a few weeks old. He wouldn't be put down to sleep and it allowed him to nap whilst leaving me hands free to eat etc. It allso seemed to get him started with sleeping at night!!! I could stuff it in my bag and take it anywhere, use as playmat, picnic blanket, sunshade - EVERYTHING."


"I love it love it love it!!!

Price could have been an issue (not ever seeing it or touching it before, interestingly was not an issue; your pictures, content, and comments made by mothers who had seen your product at shows instilled me with confidence :> ) but fortunately I bought a Calin Bleu and found that I love it love it love it!!!

After a few uses I had thrown on a Baby Bjorn. After a while, I realized I couldn't feel my baby next to me the way I can in my wrap. I'd much rather take the time and use the wrap than anything else!!

The thing I like best about using my wrap is the closeness of my sweetness :) I also like the versatility (in the way you can carry your baby); it "adjusts" easily as he grows; can use at almost any age (between 3 mos and up (to the weight limit)); a nice teether!; doubles as a "blanket" in the car seat!

If you want to feel your baby next to you, be able to kiss his/her head while you go about your day chasing other siblings, have the versatility for several carrying methods, and use it for years to come, then buy this wrap!!

You guys are great!!"


"Thank you, I received my wrap and it is gorgeous!!"



"I get a lot of compliments on the bright bold colour of my baby sling and I love it! The fabric is nice and breathable so I don't have to worry about overheating for the both of us!"



"I really like the Calin Bleu gauze wraps! Wraparound slings make the best baby carriers and the Calin Bleu is now my FAVORITE summer wrap! (Though I'm sure it'll be great in the winter too!) It's a comfortable and breathable material. It's lightweight yet supportive since it has just the right amount of give. The natural goes with everything but it'd be even better to have one of every color! They are just so versatile and I love how snuggly close my baby is to me in a wrap!"



"My Calin Bleu gauze wrap was in use from very early on, a perfect way to breastfeed while on the go - often while nobody else around was aware that he was anything other than sleeping! It has always been to hand for those times I just can't be bothered to wait for the right bus to be able to take the pushchair out with us!"



"The sling is super comfy, looks great and baby Jack loves it. He is 14 weeks old and I really hope to be able to use this and in time a suitable summer sling for as long as possible. I am only 5ft 2 and Jack is a big boy, very tall and a decent weight already so it is great to find something so good for both of us."


"Since receiving my Olive Calin Bleu wrap, I have not picked up any of my other wrap slings. I love the light weight fabric which I find so easy to manipulate. The knot is small and the ties hang neatly.

The sling tying instructions were so simple to follow, that even my nine year old daughter tied it onto herself easily. Now we all argue about who gets to wear the baby. My son enjoys drooling and biting on the fabric but the best thing is that after washing, the gauze feels even softer! I have been stopped in the street so many times by people asking me about my wrap ... and my son loves all of the attention! "



"Again very much thanks, I am so glad with my cool wrap!! It works better every time I put it on! (cause I get better at it!!)"



"I've been meaning to write you to tell you how your baby sling changed our lives! Arin at seven months continues to absolutely love it and I don't think we would have made it through her colicky days without it! I should have bought one sooner. Our good friend Alice is about to have a baby and I thought we would buy her one. I don't recommend people having a baby without your sling."



"After the birth of our third child, we were yet again faced with the distress and mess of reflux; luckily the Calin Bleu Fleece Wraps are easy to wipe down, avoiding the need for a wash after every feed. Most of my other slings got completely soaked through, but the CB’s water resistant properties come into their own with the refluxy baby. This is in addition to the wraps allowing you to carry your baby upright, thus providing relief for the baby as well."


"Just to let you know that I received the baby sling today and tried it on as soon as. Baby is delighted, so is mummy! "



"My son is 8 month old and he loves been carried in the baby sling. It feels more than ok for me to carry him for longer times as well. His weight is 8.2 kg now....and my micro fleece sling gives me the support I need to carry him.

I was walking for 1hr today and my older boy in a stroller and Viktor in the sling, No problems at all for my shoulders and back.. When he gets tired in the afternoon and it's too late for a nap, the baby sling saves us a lot of crying and I got a happy baby in the sling and I still got things done."