The Rucksack

The rucksack is quick to put on, it works well with the Lite wraps. Crossing the wrap over the baby's bottom gives extra support. 

 1. Using the method you're most comfortable with,  get the baby on your back and keep leaning forward. Please note that as these photos were taken with a babywearing doll, they do not fully portray the best position for baby to be in for back wrapping. Baby should be in a frog-like sitting position, and the wrap should form a deep 'pocket' for them to sit in. Form this by pulling the bottom rail up between their crotch and your back. Confused? Just get in contact with us and we'll send you a video tutorial. 

2. Bring the ends of the wrap over your shoulders.

Take your time to spread out the fabric evenly and adjust the bottom hem, making sure that the cloth covers her thighs, bottom and back. Tuck the bottom hem under her pelvis and spread the wrap out over her shoulders. The wrap forms a kind of pocket for her bottom.

Tuck the left end of the fabric between your knees while you tie the right side.  

3. Bring the right end of the wrap under your arm, over her right leg and under her left leg.

 4. Tuck the fabric between your knees and do the same thing on the left side. 

 5. With light wraps like the Lite wraps, you might find it more comfortable to spread the fabric across the baby's back: the top hem just above the nappy line and the bottom hem well under her leg.

 6. You can bounce slightly (and carefully) to tighten the wrap.

 Pull again on both sides of the fabric to make it tight and tie a knot either in the front or in the back depending on how much fabric you have left.

Adjust the straps on your shoulders until you feel comfortable.

7. This is how it will look from the side.

The bottom-popping issue:

If the wrap has a tendency to slip from under her bottom, first make sure that her position is right, with her legs wide apart and knees above her bottom. Then try the following things:

• After you've wrapped, bring the outer hem onto your neck

• Before you bring the wrap around to your back (step 1.), bring the outer hem onto your neck but under the strap

• After bringing the ends of your wrap over your shoulders and tightening you can twist the ends a few times before bringing them around your back