The Simple Cross Carry

The Simple Cross Carry is a variation of the traditional carrying position. It is nice and easy to pop baby in and out of the wraparound sling without untying everything.

Since this carry uses a little bit less fabric, it is convenient for parents of different sizes who share the same wrap and for whom the wrap is too short for the wrap cross carry. It's also ideal in the summer when you don't want so much fabric on your baby.

1. Using the label as a guide, place the middle of the baby sling around your waist on your back, with the two ends in your hands. 

2. Bring the right end side of the baby sling across your chest and over your left shoulder. 

3. Do the same thing on the other side. 

4. The wrap forms a cross on your back. Make sure the fabric is evenly spread out and not twisted. 

5. Bring the two ends of the wrap around the front and tie.


6. Now bring your baby up and slide her into the wraparound sling and slide her legs on each side of the cross. 

7. The baby sits securely on the cross formed by the fabric. If you tied the wraparound sling too loosely or tightly, adjust it.

Adjust the baby's position so that she is sitting in the wrap, her legs wide apart in a frog-like position, her knees slightly higher than her bottom.

8. Spread the fabric from the baby's leg and all the way to her neck.

9. Do the same thing on the other side.

10. Tighten the wrap if need be. Tie tightly with a double knot.

11. If you feel the tails are too long, you can bring them one more time around your waist. And tie on your back or on your hip.

 12. If your baby needs additional head support or falls asleep, you can bring one side of the wrap on her head.